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How to dispose of your waste legally


Firstly have you thought that someone else might like to Reuse the items you want to dispose of? There are many outlets available –

You can take most household waste items to your local Recycling Centre for no charge, but check for charged-for items here

If you don’t want to or can’t transport your bulky waste you can order a bulky household waste collection from your local council.

If you choose to use a private contractor you need to “Check who you pay to take your rubbish away”.


Environmental regulations state that every business or establishment that produces waste has the responsibility for managing it properly. If you do not do so for any reason your establishment or business is at risk of prosecution with the possibility of a fine if found guilty in court. If you want to check whether you are doing the right thing or you don’t know what to do to fully comply with your Duty of Care obligations, go to

As a business you might also like to join the join the Trading Standards approved “Buy with confidence” scheme. To find a Buy With Confidence business near to you, search

Buy With Confidence is the business approval scheme operated by Trading Standards. It enables its members to promote the fact that they believe in and deliver excellent customer service. Membership involves Trading Standards vetting and monitoring, to assure the public that they are trustworthy, honest and reliable traders that can help to steer people away from those that give legitimate businesses a bad name.    By joining Buy With Confidence, waste hauliers can show the public that as well as being registered to carry waste, they are legitimate traders that comply with the other legislation relevant to their business and provide excellent customer service.   Using a Buy With Confidence member to take your waste away to an official waste processing facility can help to remove the scourge of fly tipping from our communities.


The number of fly tipping incidents on agricultural sites across the country has almost doubled since 2012/13 with more than 200,000 recorded in 2018/19.


Dealing with fly tipped waste on private land is the landowner’s responsibility but if the offender is caught costs may be able to be recovered and the landowner reimbursed, so PLEASE report incidents on private land to your local council Report IT to assist with intelligence gathering, enforcement and prosecution of alleged offenders.

If you need to transport waste yourself you will need to comply with the Duty of Care obligations (see Businesses). If you use a contractor to will need to “Check who you pay to take your rubbish away”.

Further advice is available from:

National Fly Tipping Prevention Group

The NFU and

The CLA 01638 590429 or email