Sponsorship Pack

Sponsoring Clean Devon offers a fantastic opportunity to position your brand alongside the entire county of Devon and show your support for the local area and environment. As climate change and actions to support our world become more and more part of the core agenda, your company can support this by sponsoring the work of Clean Devon. This is a great way to ensure your company is part of the cleaner world movement.

You will need to do your best as a business to keep the environment clean, as sponsoring Clean Devon is not a ‘get out clause’. We will be looking for supportive staff who are keen to go the extra mile (maybe even do a litter pick), businesses who can show they are on the right track and with that in mind we will check your company out before we agree to any sponsorship deal. This is important for both partners.

Clean Devon is a special partnership of organisations working together to tackle litter and fly tipping across Devon. For your business, sponsorship will offer you and your staff the opportunity to show pride in the place you work and live and feel a real sense of ownership. Our sponsorship packages are being developed at present and will provide opportunities for your business to be associated with a special part of the UK, Devon. Please use the contact form to let us know you are interested in becoming a sponsor.