Newton Abbot fly tipper prosecuted

This week at Newton Abbot Magistrates Court saw the successful prosecution of Colleen Hooper for fly tipping in Sainsbury’s car park Newton Abbot.

Two black sacks along with a council black recycling box that included household waste, face masks and used COVID test kits were dumped next to the recycling skips labelled for recycling plastic, glass, and cardboard etc. There is a large sign informing patrons that any waste or recycling left outside of the skips would be treated as an offence of fly tipping and could result in a fine or prosecution. There are similar signs on the skips themselves. None of the items that Ms Hooper dumped were those that could have been placed in the skips for recycling.

Ms Hooper had failed to pay the fixed penalty notice (FPN) issued by the Council and Newton Abbot Magistrates Court found Ms Hooper guilty of the offence and she was ordered to pay a fine of £440 plus a surcharge of £179 and the council were awarded its full costs of the investigation and prosecution of the case which amounted to £865.08 totalling the amount owed under the Court Order to £1,481.08.