Fly tipping around recycling banks in Exeter

A Council view of the fly tipping curse

Fly tipping is more than a nuisance. It isn’t just ‘a bit of dumped waste’ for the local council to clear.

It’s an Environmental Health Officer sent to investigate. It’s a Waste Operative (or two) the council can ill-afford to spare during these times of staff shortages. It’s a vehicle and all the related maintenance and fuel costs, not to mention emissions. It’s time spent by Customer Support Officers that could be used in helping other customers with pressing needs.

Fly tipping isn’t only enacted by the devious, the criminal or the unwilling-to-pay. It’s also performed by those who may not be aware that what they are doing is an offence.

This Environment Agency blog assesses the impact of waste in the wrong place for Exeter City Council and reminds us all that we are legally responsible for the waste we throw away.